Sunday, August 23, 2009

Upcoming Performance

The excitement of the Radio City news has been cut short by the extreme busy-ness of this past week, which has been devoted to getting ready for this:

We perform next weekend, and there are LOTS of preparations in the works: programs to be typing, headpieces to be sewing, dancing to be taught, tutus to be measured, and so on and so forth. I love being busy though, especially with stuff like this! Again I'm assistant to the director, so rehearsals this month have been super chaotic for me as I juggle dancing myself with teaching, keeping attendance, collecting costume fees, etc etc etc. Hello multitasking skills!

Anyway, the performance should be good I think. We have a bunch of guest artists coming in as usual, including some great smaller companies and a big hip hop group, haha. If you're around the city with nothing to do next Saturday and Sunday, join us!

Tickets here.

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ACW said...

Merde for this wknd, Taylor!
and congrats on your new teaching position! :)