Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Wow - as expected, the second I'm able to physically dance again and take class regularly is the second the blog goes kaput. Hrmmm...

It's been an insane two weeks...things are so busy! That's a good thing except for the fact that my foot can barely keep up, haha.

Two weeks ago I actually got to perform for the first time on the new foot. It was super exciting but very amusing: it was a huge hip hop event! SO not me. It was fun though...it was a promotion for the new Microsoft XBOX Kinect game Dance Central. Tons of dancers performanced in Times Square with these famous rapper people and such. It was a cool experience and SO fabulous to finally dance again.

Of course I hobbled more than usual the next few days after that.

But really, the foot is improving. Today marks 10 weeks since surgery - and 2 more until I'm supposedly "fully recovered." I've discovered that that really means "recovered for a normal human being," as in, able to walk pain-free. Ballet's a different story. I'm definitely making progress but there's no way I'm going to be fully back and in pointe shoes the way I used to be by 2 weeks from now. Sigh.

I AM, however, performing in just a week and a half :)

We have our semi-annual showcase at The Ailey Extension and I'm in hyper-performance-prep mode for that. Not just dance-wise but organizationally. I'm assistant director so basically...I'm doing everything, haha. So many details to take care of. So many emails. But we're getting there. It's gonna be a great show and I'm really looking forward to being onstage.

More blogging to come...I still have reviews to catch up on and other things in the works...

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