Thursday, December 23, 2010

7 Reasons To Vote for My Blog: #7 - I'm Ancient

As the voting round of Dance Advantage's Reader's Choice Top Dance Blogs 2010 approaches, I thought I'd do a post a day for a week giving you reasons to go ahead and VOTE FOR ME :)

Vote for Off Center
Reason #7: I'm Ancient

As my overview post earlier today explains, this blog has been around. I started blogging back in July 2007. And with the exception of dance critic Eva Yaa Asantewa's blog InfiniteBody (started in April 2007), I'm the oldest blog on the Top 20 List. I've been mostly consistent through those years, with a brief haitus during my NY Times era (someone else was chronicling my life, so I thought I'd take a break...). Doesn't sticking through the prehistoric ages of dance blogging mean anything ;) ?

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