Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day Specials

Central Park in a storm last year
Here we are again. More snow in NYC. This storm wasn't nearly as bad as the Christmas weekend one, but it still makes the streets soggy and the muscles mopey. But a bunch of dance-related places are offering Snow Day Specials today if you're able to dig yourself out, take advantage of them!

-Pilates Reforming NY is offering reformer classes for $20.11!
I LOVE these classes, and usually they're $29/hour. So this is definitely a good deal. If you've never been there, they also offer FREE introductory classes (always, not just in the snow). Highly highly highly recommended :)

-Broadway Shows offer discounts!
"Memphis" 40% off: I have a friend who was in the orignal cast of this show and even though I've yet to see it myself, I've only heard great things. And who doesn't love a Broadway show?! The discount code ME4FANS is good for seats located within the orchestra and mezzanine of the Shubert Theatre.

"Billy Elliot" 40% off evening: If you haven't seen it yet, you really must. The kids in the show are just fantastic. Use the code BEGNA1201 on Broadway Offers or to the Imperial Theatre Box Office at 240 W. 45th St. to get 40 percent off orchestra and front mezzanine tickets.

"Mama Mia" for $64.50: Okay, it's not that cheap.'s a fun show and for a good seat, I'd take it. Use MMRES104 for orchestra and front mezzanine.

-A Good Snow Read: "Trapped" by Michael Northrop!
Trust me, it'll make you feel like your buried car is nothing. Get it now so next time you're trapped in the snow you'll know you're not alone...

I'll keep updating this list today if I hear of more deals...

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