Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Update on this Crazy Life - Ballet and otherwise

Soooo many things are going on right now, which is why I haven't been posting often. Even if just for my own personal organization, I'm going to list them below. Many things are also up in the air still, and plans are changing constantly (an aspect of my life I both love and hate). Anyways, between school and ballet I'm ridiculously busy, so here's the lowdown:

-Sunday 9/23
Another rehearsal for Nutcracker in Connecticut. 6 hours of my Sunday on a Greyhound bus = the payoff for a performing opportunity.
Fair trade?

-9/24 - 9/25
Volunteering for the Folio Show, the magazine industry's annual expo/seminar. Working from 7:30am-5:30pm for no money = the payoff for networking and lecture attendence.
Fair trade?
Better deal than the bus ride...

-end of September
Deadline for our school paper issue 2 to get out, meaning lots of last minute work with writers (I'm managing a team of about 10 for features section...) and layout stuff.

(dance article I did last year for The Monitor [school paper])

Good deal, because that's what I want to do in real life post-dance career (if there even is one).

New Dance Group Teachers Showcase. I'm in a piece by Irene Kent. $5 tickets. Come see us!

Official start date of Ajkun Ballet Theater. Fall calendar here. My schedule will depend on casting of course, since I'm just a trainee...

Benefit show at John Jay for the Tyler Dunne Foundation. I believe we're doing Irene's piece for this as well. Come see us! Tickets for a good cause!

-middle of October

I can't believe how much is going on just until the point of midterm. Wow...I didn't think things could get busier than they were last year, but apparently I was wrong. As those of you who see me regularly can attest to, I'm going a little crazy trying to keep on my feet with everything.

However, I live by these words: Test your limits and keep going.

(some pictures that keep me going through the busy times)

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