Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! (+ recital pics)

Happy Mother's Day!

I got to spend Mother's Day weekend with my mom home in Massachusetts helping out with her dance studio's annual recitals. Busy! More details to come (I'm on the bus heading home to NYC now and hope to write more...) but here are a few pictures...

I half-improvised a last-minute solo to Billy Joel's "River of Dreams," (there's an explanation for the song choice...) and then filled in and danced in their opening: it was a medley of songs relating to "jailbirds," so we were all dressed in the black and white typical "jail" outfits. I only came out during "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago, and I did Catherine Zeta Jones' part, haha. It was fun but I had to learn everything super fast the day before performing. Go ahead, laugh at the pictures ;) The black strips were supposed to be jail bars...

ALSO, on Mother's Day I always think of the few very important people who have been 'like-a-mother-' to me, or 'mom-away-from-home.' Thank you! Love you all and mostly my MOM.

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