Thursday, June 11, 2009

Old Musical Footage

In lieu of real posts (which, I SWEAR, will be coming in droves soon...)...

Once a week I take this really amusing theater dance class with this really wonderful teacher - it's not my specialty as we know, but ever since Radio City happened I've been more driven to explore beyond the pointe shoes. I fell in love with this class back a few months ago and love learning real Broadway repertoire each week that might come up in an audition in the future. Anyway, this week we did a Fosse piece, and in a 4am youtube searching spree (that's what happens when you have chronic insomnia) I came across some really fun old, OLD videos of different musicals in rehearsal. Some parts are dull and/or hard to see, but they're worth a peek!

Check out a 1981 rehearsal of Fosse's "Dancin" (which is rumored to be in the works to be revived on Broadway soon).

How about the original 1975 production of "Chicago" with Gwen Verdon?!

Or Bebe and Ann in 1996 Hot Honey Rag...

Me and My Baby is what we learned in class the other day. Check our Charlotte D'Amboise being amazing on The Early Show.

AND speaking of Charlotte and old musical clips, if you haven't seen "Every Little Step" yet, you're missing out. Go now!


K said...

ohh i really want to see "every little step" - so strange to see this though, b/c i grew up dancing with the girl who ended up getting the part of val (and then played maggie towards the end of the broadway run). crazy!

Taylor said...

Wow, that's great! Yeah, in the movie they focus a lot on the girl's up for the part of Val in the more recent revival, but not so much on the original cast. There's definitely rehearsal footage though, and actually now that I think of it lots of audio from the original Val, I think! Go see it :)