Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yoga in Times Square

Over the past few months I have slowly taken up yoga...and it's not easy! I take this really challenging Ashtanga class with a really wonderful teacher (notice any time I talk about my teachers I say how great they are? They all are fabulous! And SO good to me... :) and since starting back a few months ago I've grown to really appreciate the sense of strength in the upper body that the practice gives me (though I most certainly have a ways to go!).

Last weekend there was a cool event in Times Square to celebrate the summer solstice, where free yoga classes were held in the middle of the madness of that crazy crossroads. I was too late to sign up to join in, but a friend of mine participated in the Bikram class Sunday afternoon, and I went along to take some pictures. Borrowing a friend's fancy camera, I got to play photographer for the day - and old hobby I've missed lately. Check out some of these fun shots...click them to enlarge.