Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Updates: ABT R&J, Austria, Career Videos, + July 4th

Yet again I apologize for the slow blogging...a lot of stuff is happening right now and not all of it so great, so until I get back in control of life here's another quickie post on many rather random things...

-This week I've been at the beautiful Metropolitan Opera House super-ing with ABT again in Romeo & Juliet. If you haven't already read it, you can see what I wrote about the first time I did this part two years ago, here (or from this season's Corsaire, here.) I'll definitely be writing more about it as the week ends, but suffice it to say that it's been a great experience as always! I love that stage, and being up close with the dancers is always interesting. So far Diana Vishneva and Marcelo Gomes danced the leads Monday (Marcelo is the ideal Romeo!), Tuesday was my favorite so far (they repeat Saturday night!), Irina Dvorovenko and Roberto Bolle, and today was Gillian Murphy and the lovely David Hallberg. I'm looking forward to Paloma Herrera and Marcelo at tonight's show...more details (and pictures!) soon.

-In other news, my month-long summer trip to dance and perform in Austria is now off. It's a long story that will be explained at some point, but a major factor was that I couldn't find anyone to sublet my apartment here in the city. Apartments seem to rule my life, haha (remember last summer's mess?) Anyway I always have to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and hopefully something better will come along instead. I wasn't too thrilled about canceling though :(

-Completely off topic (but not really...): Career Transition for Dancers recently started posting their Career Conversation videos online for everyone to view for free. I spoke at one of these a few months ago and even as a panelist I learned a lot. The organization is such a great resource for the dance world and now that these videos are available you can really take advantage of their offerings and information. Do check it out. You can watch online, download, or subscribe via iTunes. I'll let you know if the video I'm in is posted sometime soon (except I hate watching myself on video, even just talking haha).

-Though the past two weeks have brought some tough times all at once (more on that soon, too...), I did get to enjoy a nice 4th of July celebration here in the city. Saturday was a gorgeous night in lower Manhattan, and the fireworks over the Hudson were great. Here are some pictures!


ACW said...

Aw, sorry your trip to Austria did not work out. Must be disappointing, for sure. :( But as you said, things happen for a reason - they just sometimes, frustratingly!, don't make themselves readily known. [still, it really stinks. (((hug)))]

Great pictures! And it's been such fun to follow you along this week with all the R&J/ABT madness - it sounds so exciting! You have the best seat in the house! - thank you for sharing your insights with all of us!
:) Anne W.

Taylor said...

Thanks :)

I know, it would be so nice if the reasons for life's happenings made themselves known faster! Oh well...

And yes, ABT has been amazing, as always!