Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Full Weekend

...of shows!

Every day since my day off on Wednesday has blended together as one mass of shows with some sleep breaks in between, haha. It doesn't help that on my off time I'm in the studio taking class, but...yeah.

Still enjoying every moment - just haven't had a sec to blog, haha. My mom came to the show on Friday and then I had family friends here today. It's nice to have someone in the audience just to add that much more little excitement. When I don't have someone there, I often pretend someone's watching, haha. It makes you do better.

Anyway, tomorrow is off and then Tuesday we hit our first 4 show day..eek! I'm sitting soaking my feet in ice water as we speak because my Achilles was really bad today so...better rest up for 4 back to back!

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