Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Xmas Dress Rehearsal 1: A REAL Audience! + PICS

Oh my gosh. Tonight was amazing.

It was our first full out, no stopping, full costumes/animals/fireworks/etc dress rehearsal with a real audience!!!

It was supposed to be an "invited dress rehearsal" and every cast member got 2-4 tickets, so I was expecting a small gathering of family and friends, maybe only filling up the center of the orchestra section. NOT! At the 5 minute "places please" call, the stage manager told us we had a full house, and she wasn't kidding! I don't think it was "sold out" (though tickets were free) but there were people in all the mezzanines and balconies and all across the whole theater. Wow!

It is so different and so much more exciting with an audience - not that just being on that stage isn't exciting enough! It was the beginning of the nativity scene there is an "angel" in the air and a few of us are shepherds that look up at her, and the rest of the stage and audience is totally black. And as the curtain rose all of a sudden it was like we were at a rock concert or a baseball game or something: cameras started flashing nonstop! What a moment! It was SO cool. I don't know if people are actually allowed to take pictures during the show (I don't recall hearing an announcement at the beginning saying they couldn't...) but since they were anyway I've decided to share a few I've taken over the past week on here.

Anyway the show itself felt good...there were many a mishap with costumes and people tripping and such, but luckily I personally didn't have any issues (they fixed my Santa hat so it now stays on :). It was our first time going through nonstop, though. And wow, this show is a killer! By the end of our aerobic Santa dance I thought I was going to die, haha. My face was as red as my suit and I could barely catch my breath before we went back onstage again. At this moment I though, oh my god, I can't believe we have to do this 4 times a day!

But by the time the curtain call came around, all I could think was: oh my god, I can't believe we get to do this 100+ more times. The exhilaration and exhaustion and excitement. Wow.

(me in my costume for the "traffic" section of New York at Christmas. I'm a "preppy girl")

(Rockettes in 12 Days of Christmas)

(during our Central Park dance)

(me as a ballerina bear)

(beginning of ballerina bears. they open that big blue box under the tree and i'm the middle one)

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