Thursday, November 6, 2008

Xmas Dress Rehearsal 2: The Last Rehearsal

It's really happening!

Today was our FINAL day of rehearsal before we open for "previews" tomorrow - although it feels like we really opened last night since we had an audience. (Friend and blogger Tonya writes about last night's show here, and she took some fun pictures here. Thanks Tonya!)

(curtain call...i'm second from the left. my hair looks just dandy at the end of the show, after being shoved in a bear head, a santa hat, a santa's helper bonnet, etc...ugh haha)

In the afternoon we had a final rehearsal in the studio to clean up a few last minute details. Though it was a short one (an hour and a half) it was killer and we were definitely warmed up for our dress rehearsal by the end...

We had another packed audience for tonight's dress. Apparently it was sponsors and folks like that. The show went felt MUCH calmer than last night. I guess it only takes once to learn how and when to pace yourself, haha. Costumes all stayed on and choreography felt solid. I think we're all just really anxious to get going with real shows!

Tomorrow morning I will be dancing onstage for 12,000 people. I STILL can't believe it.

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kathy with a k said...

so cool Taylor!
Good Luck! Have fun! You're adorable.