Monday, November 3, 2008

Xmas Tech Day 8: Cleaning Up

Today was a short day of rehearsal, just to clean up details of our choreography.

It was the other cast's turn to try their costume run onstage like we did the other day, so we were upstairs in the rehearsal hall/studio above the theater. We've been in there a few times over the past few weeks and every time I go in there I'm reminded of the day I auditioned in there back in May.

Anyway rehearsal was fine. We ran almost all of our dances just to clarify some heads and arms and such. It was kind of funny being back in front of a mirror doing it all after being onstage for a week. I so so SO much prefer dancing onstage than in a studio - and it doesn't have everything to do with the performance/audience aspect. It's just that there's so much space in the theater and the audience is so far away and you can look out, way out, at them. In the studio it's almost claustrophobic, no matter how big the studio space is. Having the mirror there and staring at yourself for hours on end is no fun.

After watching myself in the mirror this afternoon after not seeing myself for a week, I've realized that being onstage makes me dance differently, in a good way. There are certain things that just happen naturally onstage (everything seems bigger) that I found myself doing without recognizing it today. And yet by the end of the studio rehearsal I felt back in tight jacket mode. Hm. I must work on that - dancing in the studio like dancing onstage...people have commented on that before to me...

The rest of my day was busy even though I wasn't at the theater. In the morning I had to go make up a midterm exam from last week, and then in the afternoon I did a phone interview with a newspaper back home in Massachusetts that is doing an article on me being in the Christmas show! It's so funny - I do a zillion interviews all the time for the various things I write myself, but when I'm on the answering end of the interview things don't come out as smoothly, haha. It actually went well, though, and apparently the article will run the end of this week or next week. I'll link to it if it comes online.

Then tonight I took class all night and had rehearsal for our student workshop of "Giselle" set for Nov. 23. Fun stuff, but I am still baffled by the fact that my body feels invigorated and wonderful after 8 hours of Radio City rehearsal but after 3 hours of ballet class my joints freeze up and you'd think I'd aged 50 years! Strange (and painful, haha). I'm knocking on wood that, thus far, my body has taken to this insane schedule much better than I'd expected.

Anyway, tomorrow we have a full dress rehearsal with the entire orchestra for the first time! Very exciting. So ready to kick things off!

PS- everybody vote tomorrow!!!

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