Monday, November 17, 2008

Tendu TV Takes Off

Today TenduTV officially launched online.

As a viable alternative to the din of dance on youtube, Tendu TV provides filtered dance content actually worth watching, and is distributed through TidalTV and Sling Media, which provide much higher quality video.

I know Marc has been working really hard on getting this off the ground for a while now (having spoken to him extensively for past Movmnt articles) and it's nice to see it finally taking off. They have a handful of clips already available for viewing - some better than others. Someone once told me a good writer and editor can take you from point A to point B without knowing how you actually got there. I think the same is true of video editing - and while it's WONDERFUL to see something other than straight image capture of a staged dance, some of the edits in these clips almost get in the way of seeing the actual movement. Dance video is still somewhat of an unchartered territory and this seems like just the beginning of the experimentation. I'll be anxious to see more of what the dance channel will offer in the future...they seem to be adding clips as I sit here watching them, haha.

They also have a blog going on about different issues relating to video dance, which is really interesting. Watch some clips here on TidalTV and search for tendu tv for more.

Be sure to check out all the clips

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Marc Kirschner said...


You touched on the key point - this is the beginning of the experimentation, for us and for the dance world as a whole. On the plus side, for the first time our partner companies are now generating income from their video, and we're going to continue to work to enhance those opportunities.

The initial video that we have represents a fairly diverse scope - both in what types of content (screendance, performance capture, documentary), and production techniques and capabilities. I think its important that the question is asked, not only whether certain videos are better than others, but why they are better, especially on the performance captures. For what it's worth, the highest quality master recordings are not always those that come across as being the strongest. Different works will have different strengths on different platforms, and this is something we're going to be watching closely.

Some of these answers can be found in compression, while others can be found in the production work. Stage lighting is certainly going to be a durable issue, as some works are dimly lit, while others over saturate red (with which some digital cameras struggle). We're going to hold off on making specific recommendations until after the Sling launch, but we're going to do what we can to communicate those findings to the dance world at large.

The most optimistic sign we're seeing is that dance companies are starting to pay attention, and the overall quality of the video in our deal flow is improving. Whether that improvement will take 30, 90 or 360 days to materialize on the channel has yet to be determined, although the gears are certainly in motion.