Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rough Two Days

What happens when you get a super bad, throwing up 24-hour bug and then have a four show day to follow?

It's rough, let me tell you.

Sunday night I was completely fine after our little student showcase. We went out to dinner to a place we always go (I ate the exact same thing the night before and was fine, so not food poisoning...) and I went to bed totally fine. Then, yesterday morning I get up to head out for our 11am show and...it was not pretty.

After throwing up twice I was still convinced I was going try to and do both shows yesterday...but after getting ready and trying to jump around a bit to double check my stomach I realized that the thought of doing Santa's itself made me ill. NOT GOOD. I called in sick, reluctantly, and went to bed for the WHOLE day. It was so bad. I hate being sick, but usually I can be in control and just force my body to keep dancing. Not so when I'm throwing up uncontrollably. Ick!!

It lasted all day long, and when I wasn't physically sick I was sleeping.

LUCKILY this morning I woke up a ton better. But it was another 4 show day! I don't know where my guts came from, but I knew I was going to get through it one way or the other, haha.

And I did. The first show was rough, mostly because I hadn't eaten in 24 hours and had zero energy. But as the day went on things started to get back to normal. The company doctor was in the building so I played it safe and went to see her, but she agreed it was just a 24 hour bug or something. Thank goodness.

It helped that during the third show I had friends from class watching. That definitely gave me a boost, and it was so nice to see them for a backstage tour afterwards. They brought me beautiful flowers and we took pictures and such. I was honored they came, because one is one of my ballet teachers who is super-duper Balanchine-like really important, if that makes sense, haha. She's so sweet. She says, "I knew exactly which Ballerina Bear you where by your feet. It must be that Balanchine training. I wonder where you got that from..." haha.

The fourth show actually felt better than I felt last week for our fourth show. I guess 24 hours of sleep must help, even if it was sick sleep.

Tomorrow we have 2 shows (more friends coming to the first...help me through!) and then Thursday is off for Thanksgiving. I can't believe how this first month of shows has flown by!

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