Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Official Opening Night!

Yesterday (Tues.) was our OFFICIAL opening night!

And it was SO fun.

First of all, for the matinee my friends and ballet teacher came to watch, so that added excitement. I took them on a mini backstage tour afterwards :)

But after our second show we had a huge opening night party in the lobby with the whole cast/crew/friends/family/etc. It was so much fun...everyone all dressed up and music playing and food and all. They even had these "Rockettini" glasses, like martini glasses but with fun Rockette legs as the stem of the glass. My friend and I don't drink, but we got fake strawberry daquiris just to get the awesome cups :) haha

Here are a few pictures from a fabulous evening. The shows were a blast too, of course.


kathy with a k said...

wait...what happened to the backstage photos? I swear you had some up this morning!
Was just showing my daughter your most recent post. So very exciting!
So happy for you!

Taylor said...

i think any pictures I had posted are still up...? as far as I know anyway, haha. i'll be posting more soon anyways

and yes, it's all very exciting :)

kathy with a k said...

My mistake! I confused your Winger post with this one!

I've been sharing all your news with my 17 year old daughter. (she just had her NYU Tisch audition yesterday for musical theater...tense times around here!)