Saturday, April 4, 2009

Another Ballet Loss

Why does it seem like half of the great ballet world is leaving us lately?

Today the news came that former prima ballerina and ballet teacher Eva Evdokimova passed away April 3 at 12:30am. She was only 60 years old. :(

(photo from her Ballerina Gallery page)

"EVA EVDOKIMOVA was a member of the Royal Danish Ballet, Deutsche Oper (Berlin) and The London Festival Ballet (later known as English National Ballet). She has appeared as Prima Ballerina Assoluta with American Ballet Theater, Kirov Ballet, La Scala Milano, National Ballet of Canada, National Ballet of Cuba, Paris Opera Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet and Tokyo Ballet. She was partnered by Rudolph Nureyev for 15 years." Her "Teacher's Wisdom" column in Dance Magazine is here.

(Eva in Les Sylphides around 1:21 in this video. beautiful)

I've heard through the grapevine she had been sick for a while but I don't know with what exactly. I've never taken her class myself, but I know people who have worked with her and I've seen some gorgeous pictures of her dancing. She was a coach to many of today's great artists, and she taught until recently at Ballet Arts, where I'm performing this weekend (more on that to come...).

Though I didn't know her, my performance is dedicated to her and those she leaves behind. I've said this before just recently, but any loss of a ballerina is a loss to the art, and it makes me appreciate life and everyone it so much. RIP Eva.


lori said...

Thanks for your post Taylor. It is sad.

Unknown said...

I loved taking class with Eva.

I'll miss her terribly-she taught us so much and was a lovely person! She knew dance history, all the music and seven languages too.

I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to take her class and will always treasure those moments with her.