Monday, September 21, 2009

Catching Up

As usual, big apologies for being slow with the blogging.

Things have been up and down and backwards and inside out lately, but once Radio City starts up again I'm sure blogging will be back to normal, for real this time!

Speaking of which, I'm getting verrrrrry excited for the season to start! They've already added more shows to our schedule since they sent the initial calendar out. I'm so ready to start rehearsals - I seriously can't wait. This weekend kicks things off a little bit because we have a medical pre-screening day, where I'm hoping they can help me with my evil achilles tendon (yes, after 2 1/2 years it's, um, still hurting) and maybe even the insomnia (yes, after 9 months I'm, um, still awake...), haha. It's really nice that they offer that for the cast as a sort of injury prevention option. Last year I missed it because I was hired so late (it's been just about exactly a year since that life-changing phone call), but I'm definitely taking advantage of it this time around.

Pretty soon I think they'll be scheduling costume fittings and shoe fittings (I'm guessing I'll wear the same as last year...), and then rehearsals officially start on October 15. It seems like so long away, but I know these last few quiet weeks will fly by. I'm sure I'll miss the rest when I'm in the middle of a 16-show week, but right now I'm really ready to get to work!

In the meantime, I'm involved in a pretty fun dance event happening in early October...but I'm supposed to keep the details quiet until it actually happens. It's pretty exciting'll have to wait and see what it is ;) haha. I'll try to reveal just a touch more when it's closer...

And also this week we start rehearsals again for our next student showcase at Ailey, like the one we just did in all of August. Again I'm helping teach, and we're doing parts of Coppelia and Romeo & Juliet (ah, my favorite), so it should be fun. This time I'm going to try to take some pictures during rehearsals and share as we approach those performances (on Thanksgiving weekend...and yes, in ADDITION to my Radio City shows. It's going to be something like an 8-show weekend for me, haha. That Sunday I'm hoping to run back and forth between theaters to do 2 Ailey performances and 3 Radio City shows, all in the span of 8 hours! HAH we'll see if it happens.

That's what's in the works. More to come...


Michael Northrop said...

Wow, that is an amazing schedule. Five shows in eight hours? Ka-razy! When they make a movie of your exploits, they'll have to do that part as a montage.

Philip said...

It's nice to see your blog on the 'active' list again!