Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the First Day of Xmas... true love gave to me me: a bruise, a blister, and many aches aches and pains!


Today was our first day of rehearsals - also known as Christmas bootcamp, haha. It is SO wonderful to be back in Radio City land, I can't even tell you. So great to see everyone and meet new cast members, and just to be dancing this choreography again!

I'll write more this weekend, because tonight I am simply exhausted. I've been taking crazy amounts of classes lately to get myself prepped for this schedule, but the way we repeat choreography so much as we learn it really takes a fast toll on your body. I'm dead...but so very happy. Will write all about it when my body rests this weekend. It doesn't help that I've had a cold for a week that won't go away...but I'm not complaining! Loving this! :)

PS- since I still have insomnia (I crashed around 8pm dead tired and am now, at 2am, wide awake...of course) I'm re-reading my blogs from last year's rehearsals. It's so funny to see how foreign this all was to me then, and how today I felt like I never left and I'm so at home with everything. Details and things. Read about my verrrrry first day last year here, when, again, we started with ballerina bears :)


Mackenzie said...

Hey Taylor!

I'm a long time blog reader and admirerer. I have a question for you that is rather off topic, but I'm hoping that you might have some advice, even if it's just to point me in the right direction. I'm looking for dancer specific nutrition advice. With your busy life, and all the more so now with rehearsals, what are your eating patterns (both in terms of scheduling and content) like, if you don't mind the intrusive question?

Taylor said...

Hi Mackenzie,

I have to tell you, I'm the WORST example with that stuff, haha. I've always been a picky eater and a big sweet tooth, so I can't say I'm the healthiest example to follow, haha. But I've gotten better...

I always, ALWAYS have to have something in the morning to get me started. And then I eat often throughout the day, usually ending with a pretty big dinner (my family's Italian, so, um, pasta is a favorite :). I usually do a nice salad or big soup for lunch, with a snack somewhere in between, too. Depends on my schedule.

With Radio City, though, literally I have to eat a full meal before almost every single show (2-4 shows a day), just to get through it alive, haha.

There are lots of other options to look into for nutritional advice...I'm no expert, haha. But really a lot of it is about knowing your body and what you need to keep you going strong. You have to kind of experiment and see what foods make you feel healthy.

Hope that helps :)

Mackenzie said...

Thanks. Have a nice weekend.