Sunday, October 25, 2009

Radio City from the Archives

Just a reminder that, even though I have yet to blog about this season's rehearsals in detail, you can always read about last year's Radio City Christmas Spectacular's rehearsals in the archives, here.

This week is our last few days in the studio before we hit tech madness (12 hour days in the black hole of the theater, haha) this weekend. It's all going SO well. We finished learning the show on Friday and now it's time to clean up the choreography and piece the numbers together.

And guess what I found out Friday - I'm Mary in the famous Nativity scene! Which means that even if you can find which little dancer is me throughout the whole show, you'll DEFINITELY see me at the end, haha. Big fun.

More soon :)

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Anonymous said...

Yay Taylor! - congrats - so cool!

It's been so neat following your very busy Autumn.
Enjoy every moment!, thanks so much for sharing when you can ...and: no more colds, right?! ;)

Best wishes!
Anne W.