Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nut day 1

Surprise - I do have internet here in CT!

Today was Nutcracker madness week 1, day 1. It was tech and dress rehearsal day, but since we ran both flowers and snow last Sunday I didn't have to do anything until the full run later tonight. SO I literally sat in the audience for 5 hours doing nothing. Actually, I gave myself barre twice because I thought I needed to be warm for rehearsal...but no.

Dress rehearsal itself later was okay...not the best. We did a shorter version because tomorrow we do an in-school show so it's abbreviated. In snow, we started with this big pinwheel thing (typical for snow scene) and I ran right on to attatch to the girl and I felt FLAT on my butt. It was great. Smack down. I was fine and got right up, but I definitely held everyone up in the pinwheel. LUCKILY the directors didn't seem to see (they stand in the wings! tense) so nobody said anything besides 'are you okay.' And I was.

The rest of the show was okay though. Just tough adjusting to lights and stuff.

First performance tomorrow morning, then more dress rehearsal all day. Yay!

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