Monday, October 15, 2007

Bloch shoot, and movmnt magazine

New addition to my insane schedule:

I've been a "test dancer" for Bloch dancewear for a while now, and they've been creating a new beginner pointe shoe on my foot. I've been providing feedback on it for months and they've been reworking it and tailoring (no pun intended) it to create the best shoe for dancers just starting on pointe.

Now that the shoe creation process has finished, they are shooting a film for their annual sales conference so that their many retailers nationwide are informed about their new products and such. Being active in the process of everything, the asked me to be in the film to compare shoes and demonstrate some things wearing their new shoes.

So that's pretty cool...we're shooting on Friday. Not that it really matters for this kind of thing, but I haven't worked with film much. They did an episode of MTV's "MADE" on us back at The Rock School, but that's pretty much the extent of my experience. THAT is a story in guy always in the way in class...oh the memories. Anyways, I'll write more about the filming after it happens!

One more thing...everyone should go to Barnes and Noble and buy movmnt magazine. Yes, that's how it's spelled. It's a relatively new dance/pop culture/fashion magazine co-founded by Danny Tidwell (So You Think You Can Dance). The magazine itself is wonderful, but you should particularly buy the most recent issue that just came out because there is a big section on The Winger! It's really great that we as a general community are getting publicity, and it gives me another accredited source for my little senior thesis haha. Read it!

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