Thursday, September 2, 2010

Performing in NY August Showcase Photos

Kat Wildish and our Performing in NY Summer Intensive Dancers

Last weekend we had another of our Performing in New York Showcases - of which I am now officially Assistant Director. I'll write later about all the work that went into the 3-week intensive leading up to the shows, but here are a few pictures!

I danced in (and helped teach) the Tarantella based on "Napoli" (one of my favorite ballets that I also danced while at BAE), and with Exit 12 Dance Company in an emotional work called "Homecoming."

Exit 12 Dance Company - I'm in the wrong costume :o
Exit 12 Dance Company - "Homecoming" Bows
"Homecoming" - I'm on the left

Being silly
"Tarantella" - awkward moment just before the end, haha
Celebrating afterwards with my fantastic yoga teacher and ballet teacher :)

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