Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recovery: Day 9

Eew, tonight we had to change the dressing on my foot under the boot. Not pretty. I bear a strong resemblance to Frankenstein. Hah!

Seriously though, it looks sort of gross. My heel is all black and blue, and the incision (which actually is quite small) is all stitched up. I guess it's just gross to me. Anyway we wrapped it back up in gauze and cotton and an ace bandage and it's back in the boot. I've started taking the boot off to sleep sometimes because I just can't take it and I can't sleep with it - it's so heavy! I'm hoping when I go back to the doctor on Monday he may change me into a walking boot...but I doubt it. Too soon.

Anyways last night I tried to get back into doing some floor barre things but it killed me. I was exhausted after 10 minutes and by the end of half an hour or so I got really nauseous and the foot started to ache. Ugh - no fun. I guess it's too soon to really start moving around like that. I get restless though. And my back and hips feel so crunched up. Oh well...after I see the doctor next week maybe I'll start to get back to moving.

I'm heading back to the city tomorrow morning! I'm definitely ready to be back to life even though I still feel like I need a lot of rest and getting around New York is gonna be much harder than home. I was hesitant to come home after the operation but I'm really glad I did - it's been a gigantic help having my parents and grandparents around to get things, help me carry things, and hold the door for me! Hah don't know what I'd do without them.

I return tomorrow afternoon and then have a full weekend ahead. Saturday I start as ballet mistress for the Nutcracker I would've danced in, and that night I'm reviewing a friend's performance. Next week in addition to seeing the doctor I'm working a full-time week - which is good and bad. Definitely can use the money after being out of work for 2 weeks, but I'm also a little afraid of jumping back in so busily. I've been getting exhausted by midday and napping lately - which I sure can't do at work! Guess I'll figure it out...

Anyway, NYC here I come :)

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