Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recovery: Days 10 - The Trip Back

I was so mentally ready to be back in New York after 10 days at home - but I couldn't really anticipate just how challenging it would be to get around on my own...

Friday morning my parents drove me into Boston to catch the bus. My mom had to come in and bring my bags to the actual bus since I can't carry anything beyond a backpack with the crutches. Luckily they let me board early and I took the front seat on the aisle so my big boot could be in the aisle. But the bus was sold out of course, so I spent the entire 4 1/2 hour ride trying not to let the crutches hit the girl beside me. Not fun.

My foot hasn't really been hurting much at all now, but the boot makes me so uncomfortable and the rest of my body is ache-y. Sitting in one position unable to move much at all for that long was tough. My hip and back were killing. Then the bus driver stopped at a rest stop but wouldn't let anyone off...weird. At least I got to stand for a sec.

Eventually we made it to the city where a friend met me to carry my bags back to Queens. I tried to time the whole trip to avoid rush hour because I can't do subway stairs, so I had to either take the bus or a cab over the bridge. Oy traffic. There's a bus that goes right to my block from nearby the Boston bus, but we couldn't find where it left from. I stood (on one leg) for 45 minutes waiting for my friend to try to find it...but no luck. While I was waiting I had to sit on my bags finally. Some lady walked by and tried to hand me a bouquet of flowers thinking I was homeless or something. Gee, thanks. Haha.

Anyways eventually we took a cab and 45 minutes and $30 later I was home. The timing of this whole endeavor is just awful - just 2 weeks ago I moved from an (extra expensive) elevator building on the upper west side. Now I'm struggling to crutch all the way to my (cheaper) 3rd floor walkup apartment all the way in Queens. Bad. Timing. Anyway, the first time going up these 3 flights of stairs felt like I was climbing Mount Everest. I guess it didn't help that I was carrying an overstuffed backpack. It took me forever, but I made it home!

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