Saturday, February 16, 2008

articles out

Still not exactly in a blogging mood tonight, but news of the day is that both of my most recent articles were printed this week.

As I mentioned yesterday, movmnt is out with my piece on injuries (ironic now because my foot is getting worse...). Today I got an early copy of Dancer magazine with my article on dance studios using the internet for marketing etc.

I like seeing my name in print :) Don't get me wrong, blogging and writing for the internet is something I enjoy also, but there's something so official about print...especially magazines.

Have I mentioned lately that my grad school courses in magazine publishing are keeping me busy? I never really talk about that aspect of my life, but it's definitely there and keeping my occupied outside of ballet!

Anyways this is another kind of random, unimportant post...sorry haha. Have a good weekend all...and go buy those magazines if you get a chance. Other stuff in both publications are really interesting to read, too!

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