Saturday, February 23, 2008

bae letter from the editor

So as I mentioned a while back, my old ballet studio called me in to produce an issue of their school newsletter, since it hasn't been done since early 2006. It was actually more fun of a project than I expected because I got to reminsce about performances from the past 2 years and go through pictures and programs.

Yesterday I sent the director a draft of all the copy, so I thought now would be a good time to share my letter from the editor. I have to say, this was one of the first things I wrote for it, and one of the hardest - for various reasons.

Anyways, see my letter below. When the whole issue is done and the pdf is online I'll link to it.

Tonight I'm going to see Diana Vishneva's performance for ExploreDance review...and tomorrow is our little studio showing performance. Should be mom and grandmother are visiting for it.

Letter from the Editor - BAE alumni Taylor ---
Dear BAE Students, Faculty, and Friends,

I’m excited and honored to be bringing you a new issue of the Graded Level Ballet Newsletter. When Julia asked me to work on this project I couldn’t say no -- it’s my chance to give back to the place that gave me so much in my two years of attending.

Though many students have grown up here, I stepped into this unique environment for the last leg of my ballet training. I came to New York in 2005 in search of opportunity, but what followed was unimaginable, both at BAE and beyond.

There are a few particular moments that remain imprinted in my mind like the permanent lines of pointe shoes on my feet. The chance to tackle Balanchine repertoire is something few other pre-professional schools offer, and learning and performing Raymonda Variations and Divertimento No. 15 were unparalleled experiences.

I remember being in the green room just after coming offstage from our first performance of Raymonda Variations in the Spring Show of 2006. All of the teachers came down to congratulate us. “Balanchine would be proud,” Peter --- told me. “He loved his dancers, and we’re just passing on the love.” To that point I had never felt such validation from a performance, and it could only have happened at BAE.

Similar excitement came when working with various guest teachers. Getting corrections from Cynthia Gregory, practicing partnering with Nikolaj Hubbe, learning movement from Christopher D’Amboise - how could a new New Yorker even imagine these kinds of experiences? Saying that my expectations were surpassed is an understatement.

Unlike most of my classmates, while polishing my technique I was enrolled full-time in college as well, aspiring to be a writer outside of dance. To balance homework and rehearsals, not to mention internships galore, was difficult, but the challenges motivated me to push harder for what I wanted. Since graduating from BAE in the spring of 2007, I have danced with two ballet companies, completed a project to be presented at the Dance Research Forum Ireland, interned at magazines like The New Yorker, written about dance for many publications, graduated Magna Cum Laude from Marymount Manhattan College with a BA in Communication Arts, and started grad school at age 19.

Busy as I may be, I’m excited to be sharing my writing career with BAE. Feel free to contact me with suggestions for the next issue, and I hope you enjoy the newsletter!

All my best, Taylor

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