Saturday, February 2, 2008

why read blogs?

To follow up after the other day's post about why I blog and's post about why bloggers blog, I wanted to see why readers read!

Why do you read blogs, and dance blogs in particular?
What other blogs do you read, and how often to you read?
What do you get out of following a particular blog?
What kinds of stuff do you like to read in blogs?
What do you wish was different about dance blogs?

If you have a minute feel free to comment and answer some or all of those questions! I'm just it's a nice way to introduce yourself to the blog community :)

Have a good weekend!


Doug Fox said...

Hi Taylor,

I read about 250-300 blogs - I should say that I scan that many blogs on regular basis using Google Reader.

They include the following types:

- Dance
- Web 2.0/Social Media
- Technology
- Marketing/Advertising
- Arts and Arts Management
- Journalism
- Various news sites

I've always enjoyed the personal voice of bloggers that I relate to much more than traditional media.

In terms of what I'd like from dance blogs:

I'm especially interested in choreographers/dancers who share their creative process with their readers.

Thanks for post and your comment on Great Dance

Philip aka Oberon said...

One of the drawbacks of blogging is that I don't always get the time to read other blogs!

Do you find that is true for you also?

jolene said...

I read blogs to gather information, as well as for entertainment. I enjoy blogs because it's usually more entertaining (because it's usually more informal) than for instance, a newspaper article.

In dance blogs, I love reading about stuff behind the scenes. It often increases my respect for the work that goes into a performance, and I find the motivation and thought process for choreography fascinating.

Great blog! I love your posts on The Winger as well.