Tuesday, February 19, 2008

yes, another blog

I swear I don't just start new things for the heck of it. If you know me, you know that I follow through with everything I sign on to, even if it means pushing a little too hard to get all my work done.

So the new task added today is another blog. Yes, this is what, number 4? If you count this new one, this Off Center, the Winger, and ExploreDance (which i don't consider a blog but it is online). BUT I am quite happy to be starting this one.

It's over on DancerUniverse.com which I mentioned a few weeks ago. The site is hosted by Dancer Magazine, and after doing an article for them recently (which actually spoke about their blog/network/website a bit) they asked if I'd maybe be a featured blogger.

I'm really glad there's an outlet (many in fact) for me to write so much about my love of dance! None of this existed just a short time ago, and now blogs and voices in dance are in abundance. This is good good good.

Anyway, check out my blog/profile over there if you want, and read up on some of their other contributors...interesting people from all walks of the dance world. Or create a profile and contribute yourself :)

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