Saturday, February 9, 2008

audience alumni

Last night I went to see the studio showing performance of my old studio. They conveniently had it in the basement theater of the place I usually take class. It was quite interesting being in the audience for once, since the last 2 years I've been IN these performances.

I do miss performing. But I have to say that at this point I'm glad I've moved on from there. It WAS really nice to see my former classmates dance so wonderfully and to get a chance to speak more to my old teachers.

They did 2 big pieces and a lot of student choreography. I was noticing how -- as I was recently told and lectured about during a rehearsal -- the difference between dancing like a student and dancing like a professional. There's something about the quality and the presence of movement that makes certain dancers stand out, despite their age or experience. Seeing my classmates from a more objective eye (with 8 months time distance) made me think a lot about that, and about what I danced like when I was there versus how I dance now. Or at least how I take class now.

Anyways, I was very impressed by the performance and it made me proud to say that I came from there. I was glad to see certain teachers as well and catch them up on my new life.

I was kind of supposed to go their benefit party tonight, but I just wasn't up for it. I'm actually not feeling so well and the past few busy weeks are catching up to me finally, so I had to skip it. Congrats to all who performed, though! I'll be posting a brief article about it and about other studio stuff soon, as I'm almost finished with this issue of their studio newsletter.

Pictures from LAST year's studio showing:
student choreography

in a piece by chris d'amboise

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