Sunday, February 10, 2008

audition: ABT summer intensive

Today I had my audition for ABT's summer program. It was both for their normal 6 week program and also their 3 week collegiate program...and it went surprisingly well.

The age group was 16-22 so I fell somewhere in the middle, which was nice. There were a zillion people there though (actual number, somewhere around 80) so it was cramped, with a LOT of small groups for center work. I seriously don't know how they can see and judge people like that. I've always wondered that and have come to realize that a lot of rejections, not just me but other people as well, come more from the fact that they just don't SEE you rather than the notion of bad dancing/technique.

Anyways I was actually fortunate because I happened to be the LAST one to register (I wasn't even late..I guess a lot of people had pre-registered so I ended up last) so I was in the last group and the way the numbers worked out there were only 4 of us instead of 8. So hopefully that means they got to see us better.

Class itself was pretty simple. The only annoying part was having to keep myself warm and aware of the combination while waiting for 20 other groups to go before me. Such is life at an audition, though.

For my first of the season it wasn't so bad. I had a decent class. I should hear from them in about a week to see if I got in. We'll see.

Afterwards as I was leaving I ran into my friend and former Residence Director from my high school studio! I haven't seen her since I went to visit for my friends' graduation back in June, so that was exciting to see her unexpectedly! She was with some other students coming up for the audition. I miss her!

Anyways, it was a long day and a long weekend.
Tomorrow movmnt comes out. Head to Barnes and Noble!

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