Friday, January 11, 2008

2 days of firsts

The past two days have been insane!

Okay, first things first: official Cedar Lake review here on Explore Dance
And most recent post about the event on The Winger

Moving on...

Yesterday was my first day at The New Yorker, and today was my first with Rebecca Kelly Ballet. How exciting...

The New Yorker was good from the start. The people are nice, and they put me to work right away. I guess their other intern can't start for another few weeks, so they really need all the help they can get right now. I had to go in again this morning when I wasn't planning to in order to get more work done. It's nice to know that you're needed, even if it's just for doing intern-type work. More details on all that to come. I go back next week.

Today after working there for a bit I had my first day of rehearsals as an understudy/apprentice with Rebecca Kelly Ballet. It went really well! The first rehearsal was a piece I learned a bit of during the audition back in November, and she had asked me to look at it on youtube. . I've been trying to learn it from the computer screen all week, and it definitely helped...we only had an hour, and they two who are actually performing it (at APAP at City Center on Monday) have done it before, so me and the other new person were kind of struggling in the back. I think I got it though, by the end of the rehearsal. I went back a little later to learn a pas de deux. No partner to work with, but still started to get it in my body. It's such great choreography. More rehearsals over the weekend...will update soon.

After ALL that I headed back to class as I usually do on Friday nights. It was exceptionally good tonight. For those who don't know, I usually take two classes back to back and am usually totally dead by the end but go on to have either partnering class or rehearsal afterwards (yes, until 11pm...long story, but it works for us). Tonight was really good though, and rehearsal was super fun! We're working on a group part from Swan Lake for a mini-showcase in February. So fun.

Anyways, that was today. Crazy busy as always, but I love it that way. Busy weekend ahead, too, including rehearsals and a review of Parsons Dance...

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