Monday, January 28, 2008

Newsweek article about my greatest fear realized

In a Monday morning trip to Barnes & Noble (sadly, movmnt mag with my article has not hit the stands yet, much to my dismay...) I found a wonderful article in last week's Newsweek magazine while I had my latte and scone.

From Overdrive to Coasting
"What happens to overachievers as we age? Let's face it, the spirit is still willing, but it's the flesh that's weak. While we hate to admit it, we run out of energy sooner than we run out of ideas. And it is certainly not in our nature to just fade away. We may burn up, burn out or just annoy the hell out of family and friends (who would never even want to measure up to our high standards). I've talked with many aging overachievers who tell whispered tales of diminished capacity for pushing themselves beyond all reason. We feel guilty even discussing what we see as our "infirmities." After all, we are profoundly uncomfortable even having things like bad backs, the stirrings of arthritis or that strong desire to just take a nap. That's the entire point of being an overachiever. We refuse to see ourselves as simply human. That would be settling, and we don't ever settle...."

Go read more.
It is so me! I hope I never hit the point where my body won't keep up with my mind, haha. Too much to do in life!


David said...

I love how devoted you are to your writing Taylor...
movmnt will be on newsstands Monday February 11th, if i can save you a trip to Barnes and Noble :-) But i love to go there and look for new magazines, book and such...
Congratulation on your graduation, lets talk about your next assignment before you get too busy with other publications... ;-)

Taylor said...

thanks for letting me know when movmnt comes out :)

definitely ready for another assignment when you have something, so let me know!