Friday, January 25, 2008

turning a new page

After finishing college yesterday I took most of today just to relax and let it all sink in. I needed a break since I definitely overworked myself a bit the last few months (perhaps that's an understatement).

Anyways, the news of today was that I got an email from DANCER magazine asking for article contributions for their March issue. I guess they came across my website and asked if I'd be interested, so I pitched some ideas and now have an article due for them next week. Yay! More writing opportunities are good good good.

Speaking of my website, perhaps the most significant part of graduating yesterday was updating all of my bio and everything to say that I have my BA in Communications rather than simply "pursuing" it. Haha! It's cool when it's finally in writing.

Also of interest on my website is that I added a page to include some of the digital pictures I've taken. I've always loved taking pictures and though I would indeed like to learn more of the technical parts of photography in the future, it's mostly just a hobby for now. But I thought it might be nice to display a few of my favorites, so go check 'em out here.

I have a busy weekend ahead with various graduation celebration activities...and the blogger meetup at NYCB!


Azulynn said...

Hi Taylor,
Just to let you know the link to your new "Photographer" page doesn't work... Congratulations on your graduation !
A reader

Taylor said...

Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it, so it should work now :)

tonya said...

Congratulations, Taylor!!!

Joe Cote said...

Hey Taylor! We are glad to have your article for the March issue, well written and well executed, thanks!