Tuesday, January 8, 2008

it's done - quick and simple

Today was my last day interning at Quick & Simple Magazine!

I'll write a detailed post about my full time there soon, but just thought I should update for the occasion. It was such a great, fun experience! My bosses were great, my office was great, my days there were great...I think, to this point, this has been my favorite internship...it's a toss up between this and Pointe.

Anyways...I can't stress enough the benefits of doing an internship (or multiple) in whatever field you're going in to - publishing in particular. I'm really thankful for all the opportunities I've had to work with some fabulous people and be a fly on the wall for some really interesting things. You don't learn everything in school, let me tell you...

I'm defintely going to miss it there, but I'm so ready to start at The New Yorker on Thursday! Not wasting any time in between.

Other updates...

I have some more review assignments for Explore Dance and will be going to a bunch of performances in the next few weeks...the first of which is tomorrow night. Nothing to do with Explore Dance. Cedar Lake Ensemble is giving a preview performance of their season for dance bloggers, along with a meet and greet type reception thing. Definitely looking forward to meeting some other bloggers that I read all the time, and seeing the show too.

I've done a big chunk of work for the BAE newsletter, including my letter from the editor. It was kind of tough to write when perhaps it shouldn't have been. I'll post it on here soon, just for kicks.

Rebecca Kelly ballet thing starts this weekend too. I'm just understudying, but to learn from a video to prepare is difficult!

Another website I used to write for called me out of the blue yesterday to start writing again, so that's another addition to the neverending to-do list.

I guess that's it for now.

Oh, and THANKS to Q&S!

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