Sunday, January 27, 2008

NYCB = so good!

New York City Ballet was SOOO good today. It was probably the best program I've seen in a long time. As I read through who was dancing I couldn't wait for the next thing to was all soo good!

Real review to come on ExploreDance soon.

The program was Square Dance, Prodigal Son (Daniel Ulbricht's debut..amazing), and Four Seasons. They all looked like so much fun to dance! All wonderful

During intermission I met up with the other dance bloggers to say hi. It was quite quick, but it was nice just to see each other and comment on the performance. Thanks to Philip who set it all up :)

Anyways, time to prepare for a busy week ahead...
If you subscribe to movmnt mag, it is supposed to be mailed out this week so look out for my article!
Also have lots of writing to do this week, on top of starting spring classes for grad school (actually started last week, but work is due this week), working again with RKBallet, etc etc.

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