Thursday, January 31, 2008

why blog?

Doug Fox on has started an interesting discussion on dance bloggers, asking all to answer why we blog, what we write about, etc.

Here was my's more like a stream of random thoughts rather than what I would have prefered it to be... an orgranized ode to blogging given the time. But anyway...check out the conversation to be introduced to other blogs...

- Describe the focus of your blog and what you write about.
- Provide background about what motivated you to start your blog.
- Share stories about the people you've connected with as a result of blogging.
- Write about what has surprised you about blogging.
- What have been the main benefits to you of blogging?
- Other topics you would like to address.


I currently write 2 blogs. I contribute to The Winger and have my own personal dance blog, Off Center (

With the Winger, I'm part of a larger community of bloggers. We have over 20 contributors from all aspects of the dance world, and it all started with founder and former NYCB dancer-turned-new media director Kristin Sloan.

Because it is updated by so many people, I tend to post on there only about twice per month. In general I stick to what's going on in my life as a dancer in New York trying to make a career, with a few outside topics on the side (ie: my senior thesis on dance journalism/blogging sparked a lot of conversation). I've connected with all kinds of interesting people through The Winger, including many other dance bloggers, younger dancers struggling with the decision between dance and college (which many of my posts address), and balletomanes interested in the inside world.

The biggest benefit of writing on The Winger is the audience. Thanks to Kristin's iPhone commercial, we have SO many new and devoted readers and it's great to have the opportunity to reach that audience and say what I want to say about the art that I love.

My personal blog was actually started when I hadn't heard back immediately after asking to contribute to The Winger. I wanted to blog one way or the other, and after starting on The Winger I decided to maintain Off Center as well to cover more of my daily life, since I've had other major things like finishing college and doing internships going on on top of dancing professionally.

I kept Off Center pretty quite until recently, when I linked to it on The Winger, and since then my readership has grown tremendously.

The way my life has been going lately (at a super fast pace...just graduated college at 19), I find that blogging is the most convenient way to keep people updated on what's new. I tend to write about how rehearsals are going, how I'm balancing my time with school, reviews of performances I see, memories of other dance events, and reactions to dance news. It really varies from day to day and I think (and hope) that's what keeps readers interested.

To address one of Doug's other questions, what surprised me about blogging is how quickly I became almost addicted to it. Being a dancer and writer, it is such a convenient way to add a voice to the discourse on dance, and I think it's an excellent way to maintain a community of dance lovers that might otherwise not be connected.

The biggest benefit to me, besides being a personal kind of therapy or way of organizing my thoughts about dance, is the people and opportunities I have met from having my writing online.

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Lauren said...

Hi Taylor! I found your blog on greatdance and really enjoy it. I'll be graduating in a year and although you are obviously ahead of me (already graduated, already in NYC) I feel we are in similar places in life and obviously have similar interests (dance & writing). Also I see that you take with Kat - isn't she great? I've taken her classes - before when they were at BDC and now when they're at Ailey - all good experiences. The dance world is small indeed.
I just wanted to drop in to introduce myself but I'd love to talk to you more. (