Wednesday, January 9, 2008

dance bloggers unite at Cedar Lake!

What a fabulous night tonight was!!!

Cedar Lake Dance held a preview performance of their season that starts tomorrow, with pre-show mingling and post-show discussion with the director...for dance bloggers! Not only was the performance great (formal review to come on Explore Dance within the next few days) but I got to meet all my fellow bloggers!

It was funny because we all know each other so well online, but most of us have never met face to face! That is, until tonight. It was so great putting a face to the name and discussing dance on a higher level with people who are so passionate about it! They are all such great people!

I sat with Dancing Perfectly Free blogger Evan, and we enjoyed the performance. What a great space that facility is. And afterwards we got to all speak with the artistic director and hear some cool stuff about the company. Did you know those dancers have full time contracts!? No fair. Haha. They were all wonderful. Go see the performance! was a great evening. We took a big group picture of all of us which hopegfully will pop up on The Winger soon. More details some other time...and look out for my real review on Explore Dance soon.

New Yorker starts tomorrow! And so much other stuff going was so busy, but tonight was awsome :)

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