Sunday, January 13, 2008

random amusing additions to the day's posts

Lots of posts today! Here are a few more things to add to the day...

1. Kristin has posted the group photo of the bloggers at the Cedar Lake Event. Copied the picture here...yay!

2. In a rage of googling this afternoon I came across an old article from my hometown paper on me and some other dancers in Boston's Nutcracker from my last year there. It made me laugh...check it out: Keeping a Holiday Tradition on Its Toes

3. Since there have been a lot of new readers here lately I just wanted to welcome everyone again and to ask everyone to feel free to comment! I want the blog to be more interactive than it has been, so go ahead and go through the archives or whatever. I'm gonna try to do a general post on EVERYTHING that's going on (and my goodness to I have a lot of irons in the fire...) soon.

Happy Reading :-)

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