Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the final sprint

As I race to get my LAST (10 page) paper done before I finish college tomorrow night (!!!) I don't have much time to blog. Nothing like procrastination to round off the pursuit of a bachelor's degree. Haha.

But just thought I'd post an interesting link...Parsons Dance, which I reviewed last week, has listed all of their press hits on their website. Not only did they include my review from ExploreDance but they also listed blogger reviews, including this site, Tonya's, and Philip's. I think it's a big step for bloggers because they're being listed alongside reviews from The Times and The Voice and everything. Companies are starting to catch on...the internet is here to stay!

Anyway, this time tomorrow I will be a college graduate. That is, if I ever get this paper done!...

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