Tuesday, March 11, 2008

back to busy-ness

Upon my return from my weekend away in Salt Lake City (see details in post below), I had a VERY busy day today. The kind of busy I've been missing, ironically haha.

I had my first day of rehearsals with Rebeca Kelly Balle.t today after a few months away from working with her. I'm officially an apprentice/understudy this time around, so basically today I had to start learning everyone's parts in case someone (as one already did) gets injured or anything. Though it can appear as a blase position since I don't actually dance full out the whole time like those in the pieces, it is really a daunting yet exciting task to be the low man on the totem pole because I DO get the opportunity to learn everyone's part and be prepared on a moment's notice.

You know, I may not have the best feet or the best ballet body, BUT I can learn choreography and learn quick.

I think that's why they called me in, and even though I'm just in the back I'm really glad that I'm there. The whole process of creating the work that she's doing is soooo intriguing and I love the choreography itself. She speaks of how the ideas behind the movement should trump the technique no matter what, and how often times we get caught up the smallest, unimportant details and ignore the motivation behind movement. I couldn't agree more.

We have rehearsal all this week and most of next to prepare for a guest performance coming up, and then all through April we rehearse for her season at the end of the month. I'm excited to be involved.

More of my busy day...right from rehearsal I had to head up to the New Yorker to work. It's getting interesting there because next week my boss is away, so I'm kind of filling in for him. The past few weeks I've been learning the ropes more than I may have as an intern otherwise, since I have to take all of his responsibilities for a few days. Good opportunity.

They let me go a bit early, so I went to take class with a teacher I've never taken from before (since my teacher is away all this week, sadly). I hadn't taken class since last Wednesday (in a brief attempt to rest my burisitis-plagued foot, which at the moment isn't doing too bad) so I was a bit out of shape, but it could have been worse. I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow though, as I always do when I take time off. Class itself wasn't my favorite either...I guess I'm just used to working differently...

After all that I went to the library at school to do some work. On top of everything, this week I have midterms for grad school, which equals lots of essays and papers.

As much as I needed to get away, I am glad I'm back to my busy schedule. Things were kind of blah in February, but thankfully they're picking up back to my tiring pace that I thrive off of. It's good to get away to get a fresh perspective...

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