Tuesday, March 18, 2008

on being valued, etc

Today in rehearsal I actually got to dance instead of learning the back trying to stay out of the way in my little corner of the studio. It was fun!

Luckily I remembered all of the girl's part I was filling in for, and there was another girl brand new to the choreography, so we didn't run through it full force straight away. And another good thing was that we didn't go it on pointe, haha. It was more for musicality and details today rather than the pointe technique stuff, so I was happy about that. I think it went well, and the director laughed and said it was good to see my finally dancing out of my corner, haha. Good.

Tomorrow I get to fill in for someone else, although I don't know her part nearly as well. I got a DVD of a rehearsal they filmed last week, though, so tonight my job is to re-teach myself. I'm happy to spend the time doing it though...I love the choreography and even just getting to work it out during rehearsal without performing it is an experience.

There are very few places, to my knowledge and experience, in the dance world where a dancer, particularly an apprentice or low person in terms of importance, is made to feel valued. I am happy to say that THIS experience very much goes against the norm and is quite fulfilling despite what you may think. Not only does it feel good to know that I can step in at any time during rehearsal (even if others don't find it being "important," I see it as such) but since this is a relatively small company and the director very clearly knows everyone and personalities mesh, I feel like the dancers are valued as people as well. It's very collaborative and everything...

Also after rehearsal, she introduced me to their intern-type girl and their development person because they're looking to get publicity for the season in April. She knows I'm a writer and apparently the development lady visited my website and stuff and they'd like me to write about it somehow. We had a nice conversation about dance criticism and writing and how a lot of times things get so technical, and really the choreographers (like her) are much more concerned with the ideas behind things, and how a lot of criticism tears apart the art form rather than pushing it forward. So she asks me to brainstorm and write...

I am MORE than happy to do this and think the program has so much to offer and write about - but sometimes I feel like people think way higher of me than I do of myself, haha. I'd love to WRITE about it, but I don't know where it would be PRINTED. She just finished saying she enjoyed my recent (online) article about the lack of dance writing in print...there are very few opportunities to have dance writing PRINTED besides in the few magazines out there (all of which need more lead time than we have here). So we'll see what I can do about this...I know I can post on the winger and reach lots of people for them, but I need to brainstorm what else I can do. The company is worth it!

Anyways, that's my rambling for the day. After my good rehearsal I went up to my old studio to meet about finishing up the PRINT newsletter (hah) I've been working on for them. It's being proofed tonight and then it should be complete! Finally. They usually put it up as a PDF on their website, so I'll link to it when it's officially up and done. That was a long project...another issue to be done in June.

Oh also, yesterday a girl from class asked me about a potential performing opportunity...she has a play in some Amazing Plays of New York something or other festival in May and is looking for dancers. Just confirming details, but if all goes well that will be another thing on the to-do list...and I'll get to perform :)

Anyways...the rest of my day is for sewing pointe shoes and catching up on work...tomorrow before rehearsal we have a master class with a teacher from Paris Opera Ballet who watched rehearsal last week. That should be interesting. Then rehearsal, and then running uptown to teach and rehearse my piece for the high school kids. Busy busy! New Yorker all day Thursday and Friday...and Friday I have the first of a few interviews to do for my next movmnt articles...should be fun. Then going home for the weekend for Easter. So much going on...love it!

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