Tuesday, March 4, 2008

removing the dance critics?

Just heard that LA Times dance critic Lewis Segal was laid of from his staff position. Though it's not surprising after all my research on dance journalism/criticism last semester showing the fall of the field, it IS quite disheartening to someone who hopes (or hoped) to turn dance writing into a career...

"Writes Segal, who has been in the post since 1996 and written about dance for the LAT for 12 years before that: '...my position is being eliminated in the latest round of of staff layoffs and cutbacks...I have followed my supervisors' advice and applied for the Times buyout, which means I'll be off the staff as of the end of this month. However, there is some talk about my freelancing for the paper in the future.'"

Read more on the National Arts Journalism Program blog.

Why does this keep happning? Zimmer, Tobias, now Segal...

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