Sunday, March 16, 2008

monthly private lesson

Today since my teacher came back from her week-long vacation (seemed longer!) I had my monthly private lesson with her. It really should be called more of a torture session than a "lesson" haha. She says so herself.

It was great though. I'm going to be majorly sore. Since I don't have a variation that I'm working on at the moment, we did more class type stuff to get deep into little details I caught in myself while watching my audition video footage. I showed her some of the video on my ipod and together we really picked some things apart. It was painful, haha, but really good. Being tortured is good once in a while haha.

I took class beforehand since I didn't have time to take class yesterday and I didn't want Monday to feel like Monday since I thought I'd have to be filling in during rehearsal. But I came home to an email saying reharsal tomorrow is cancelled. So there goes that plan, haha. Good though, because I have more time to get some work done since a lot has piled up the past week.

Pretty busy week ahead this week as well. Tuesday and Wednesday I get to fill in for people during rehearsal, Wednesday I teach as usual, Thursday and Friday my boss at the New Yorker is away so I get to be him and do his jobs so that should be good (and slightly stressful). Next weekend I'm going home for all of 48 hours for Easter. Should be fun.

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