Thursday, March 27, 2008

choreography - finished the piece!

Yesterday I went to teach as I usually do on Wednesdays and I finished setting my choreography on the kids. It felt GREAT to finally be done, although it needs a ton of cleaning now. But it was more important for me at this point to get all the steps on there and then get them to learn everything than to make everything perfect right away.

My whole choreographic process is still brand new and I'm still trying to figure out what works for me, but this method appears to be successful for the moment. I've been tweaking things as we go while adding on, but now it's time to really make it something special. I'm looking forward to working with them the next few weeks to get it all to come together for their performance in May.

Besides that, yesterday was pretty typical. I'm still incredibly sore from my Monday rehearsal, so that's no fun. The first thing I've done every morning since then is roll out of bed onto the floor and onto my foam roller to try to work the kinks out. Ouchies, haha. Ah well.

I'm at the New Yorker all day today (lunch break right now) and then spending the night writing a whole lot, since I have many things due next week.

That's the update for the moment :)

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