Saturday, March 29, 2008

differences in technique

I took class today with the teacher I took with a few weeks back who is super Balanchine...and it was good, but interesting because I was noticing some of the big differences in technique with different teachers.

First of all, I really like taking a Balanchine class because it's so fast and it works me really hard and gets the inner thighs and all the right muscles working quickly - but there are some things that are just so off the wall opposite from classical technique that it makes me laugh to hear the teacher emphasize them where other teachers would scream out against them. It's only small details, but they're important things that I try to pick up on. One of the benefits of the position I'm in at the moment is that I can take class with whomever I want and experience many different styles and stuff, but sometimes that can be even harder since you need to know which things each teacher prefers. Interesting.

So I spent most of my day in class there and then at my usual class I take. I've been on an energy kick or something the past few weeks because I've been dancing way more than is probably necessary at the moment...but I love it, haha.

Anyways...the rest of the weekend is devoted to writing since today was a dance day. Many things due in the coming week so I better get to work!

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