Monday, March 3, 2008

nostalgic amusement

Yesterday in my procrastination efforts (haha) I went through some (really) old writing I had stashed away in old files on my computer, and I came across this hilarious poem (is it a poem?) that I wrote years and years's basically all amusing things that were overheard backstage at Nutcracker in Boston. Mind you I was no fabulous writer back in the day (I think I was like 11 when I did this?) and it's nothing fancy, and might not even have any meaning unless you were there...but I had to post it. It's hilarious to me...I think if you've ever been backstage in that kind of professional environment you may relate to some of these phrases...and if not, don't ask! Haha.

Curtain Call

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is your half hour call, half hour!
Clara to wardrobe!
When can we rehearse?
Can I borrow some hairspray?
Quiet downstairs!

Fifteen minute call, fifteen minutes to the top of Act I.
Are my curls ok?
The vending machine broke again!
Where’s Dew Drop?
It’s so hot in here!

Ten minute call everyone, 10 minutes.
Chorus to the studio for warmup!
Anyone have some bobby pins?
Warning on fog…
Stop screaming about the cockroaches!
Not talking in the pit.

Five minute call please, onstage at five minutes!
Light 346...go!
Orchestra to the pit.
You’re going up, Paul.
Meatball, can we have footlights?
Places please!

And curtain…

Ok, rereading it again now, I KNOW some of this doesn't make sense. 'You're going up Paul' is funny because it's when they would raise Drosselmyer up so he could 'fly' in for Act II. Meatball was a nickname for a stagehand.

Oh there are so many memories...someday I'll write them so they actually make sense! Haha.

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