Friday, March 21, 2008

"i'm the giraffe that opens the show..."

Thanks to my favorite role as writer, I just got to go backstage at The Lion King on Broadway!!!

Haha I'm such a starstruck loser, but it's okay.

I'm doing a profile on one of the dancers and though I offered to have the interview at a coffee shop like I usually do, he emailed this morning saying we could do it at the theater. How amazing!!!

Details soon because as always I'm in a rush right now, but it was SO cool. Hyena heads staring at me, lion scenery...the works. We spoke in this big open reception area type room overlooking Times Square (though I must admit, The New Yorker has a better view...being on the same level of all the billboard lights is distracting). And MTV was below us, so there was the pounding of music to complement the pounding of my heart at being backstage. Hah!

I love my job(s).

Running to class. New Yorker was less stressful today :). Heading home for Easter weekend tomorrow. More details of everything to come soon, promise!

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