Saturday, March 1, 2008

going ga-ga

I've done a zillion things today and have only now had the chance to sit down at the computer to check my millions of emails and blog, etc. So this is going to be quick...

But one of the highlights of today was going to a movement workshop of Batsheva Ensemble's popular Gaga technique. The Israel-based company has this unique movement language developed by popular Ohad Naharin. New York rarely gets to experience these workshops, but today there was a free session as part of some big Isreali Arts celebration. It was supposed to be a taste of "gaga" for non-dancers.

It was definitely an interesting experience. It reminded me a lot of creative movement kind of classes we teach little kids learning to dance. The 30 or so people, all ages and sizes, were told to continuously feel as though we're moving throughout the entire hour, even when we're standing still ("feel the flesh moving"). It was very image based, with emphasis on the skin and bones and really being connected to the body and to movement.

I'll try to write more tomorrow, but for now read more about Gaga here and here.

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