Tuesday, March 25, 2008

computer issues

I didn't blog yesterday and haven't been blogging in detail lately largely because my laptop is misbehaving and dies every two seconds. SO I'm am very happy to report that I'm buying a new laptop today!!!! Yay. It is very exciting, haha. You don't know how annoying it is to be writing an article or a paper for school and have to click save every two words in case it freezes or dies. No fun. But today that will be solved!


Yesterday I had a busy ballet day...I had rehearsal again with this choreographer who's doing a piece on my for our little June student showcase, but we were in a studio with a wooden floor rather than marley. It was a plus because that meant no pointe shoes (his choreography is basically physically impossible on point, as I learned last week). BUT it was a tough tough tough rehearsal. I'm SO sore today it's insane. His style is so unnatural for me, so it's a big adjustment. I'm sure I'll get it eventually, but it was kind of frustrating yesterday. My teacher who's there helping can see my annoyance, haha, but what can you do but keep trying...

My weekend at home for Easter was nice. Brief but nice. I got to see my dogs :) haha

What else...I did several phone interviews this morning for one of my many articles due in the next week. It's so cool to talk to some of these people...phone interviews are way harder than real life ones though. And on top of awkward cell phone reception, they were cleaning the carpets in my hallway outside my apartment this morning, so it was SO loud. Ugh, haha.

Tonight I'm meeting up with some fellow bloggers for a lively conversation like we had at movmnt's office a few weeks ago. Looking forward to that.

Lot's going on...as always.

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